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The Bianconi family

If it’s not authentic, it’s not for us. And it’s not for you, either.
Our hotel is family-run and has authenticity at heart: in our products, behaviour, and how we treat people. Don’t be put off by the size of our estate: You’ll always receive a warm welcome here. Our four stars are thanks to a combination of sophistication and naturalness, which is reflected in our friendly but never clingy manner and our refined but never pretentious style.

We have a large family. Giampiero is the head of our family and since 1973 (the year he married Liliana), his dream has been to create a place to welcome tourists, which he calls a simple “guesthouse” in his stories.
He lost sight of the project for a while, and so it was only on 8 August 2008 at 8 a.m. that 88-year-old grandma Regina cut the ribbon to finally mark the grand opening of Valle di Assisi.
The entire family works together to treat guests to the best stay. Even the youngest generation Aldo, Enrico, Gianmarco, and Lorenzo play their part: They love spending time at Valle di Assisi as they can meet lots of new friends of their same age every single day.

As a family, we love welcoming you into our world. You’ll find signs of our lively but discreet personality in the fragrance of lavender in the spa or in the rich flavour of the wines in our wine cellar.

A hotel in Assisi and its owners
We’re with you wherever you go, without ever encroaching on your personal space.

Because we want you to feel at home here. And here with us, everyone is warmly welcome.