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We love our land.

We’ve been taking care of the more than 80 hectares of land that’s home to the stunning estate of our hotel in Santa Maria degli Angeli for two generations. Vines, olives, figs, and other fruit trees stretch out in the valley at the foot of the town of Assisi, where the warm colours of the fields of grain meet the bright blue of the sky.

It’s in our family’s DNA to love our land, where Nello Bianconi, Giampiero’s father, taught us to produce wines and authentic products. That’s how the idea was born of an estate where we not only promote the well-being of our guests, but also create a setting that delights us – and you – every day.

Our farm

Giampiero, Susanna, and Andrea take care of the “Bianconi Susanna” farm, where farming tradition has been proudly handed down to produce certified organic extra-virgin olive oil, vinegar, pulses, and cereals of the highest quality as well as other strictly organic products that give the cuisine in our restaurant their divine flavour.

Discover our farm in Umbria.

100% organic

If it’s not organic, it’s not for us. And it’s not for you, either.
One of our most important values is sustainability: Respecting nature and the environment is how we show our gratitude to our beautiful Umbria and its products. We’ve been a 100% certified organic farm since 2019.

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Discover our farm in Umbria.