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Sustainability at our 70-hectare organic estate

Everyone’s talking about it, everyone wants it: sustainability is becoming more and more fashionable. But for us, it’s an authentic mission and a sense of responsibility that’s reflected in our use of renewable energy and our choice of zero-kilometre products, either purchased or produced on our organic farm.
Our high-tech walls and windows, for example, let us reduce heat dispersion.
The hotel features a dual charging point for electric cars with solar panels which guests of Valle di Assisi can use free of charge.
Not only that, but a photovoltaic system allows us to produce electricity with a reduced environmental impact, while a solar thermal system provides the water for sanitary use in the spa and in most rooms of the hotel.
We’ve made significant investments over the years, because we believe that our home is not only Umbria, but also our planet.
And we care about the place we live in.

Genuine products

Everyone’s talking about it, everyone wants it: flavour is an indispensable part of your holiday. That’s why you can savour dishes made with organic chickpeas seasoned exclusively with organic extra-virgin olive oil from our own production here. Of course, it’s accompanied by organic wines from the vineyard around our hotel: We look forward to welcoming you at our wine cellar.

A hotel for families in Umbria with that little extra

Authentic hospitality

Everyone’s talking about it, everyone wants it. The warm, welcoming hospitality that sets us apart will be with you throughout your holiday without ever encroaching on your personal space. On the other hand, space is something we have plenty of here. And so is time: We’ll give you recommendations on the many indoor and outdoor activities so you can decide how best to fill it.

A hotel for families in Umbria with that little extra