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“Valle di Assisi” has always been synonymous with luxuriant nature and splendid landscapes. Thanks to the conformation of the territory and the harmonious architectures, this real Umbrian gem has been included among the UNESCO World Heritage sites. If you decide to visit this land, you absolutely must taste the delicious local dishes and buy a handmade souvenir, able to bring you back, in an instant, to these enchanting landscapes.


The greediest Umbria on the table


Characterized by an excellent culinary tradition, the territory of Assisi expresses the best of itself even at the table. Among the delicacies of the area, Umbrian olive oil is the condiment suitable for any type of course: from a simple pasta dish to dishes prepared in a more elaborate way. Olive oil is the artist's touch giving, where it is dropped, the authentic perfume and the unique flavour of homemade things. We know it well: at the Hotel Valle di Assisi we have been producing this sparkling yellow-green gold for generations!

Because of the delicate and genuine taste, you can fully appreciate the Umbrian oil with a simple slice of bread and pecorino - another treasure of the territory - to best enhance the olfactory intensity of these cheese. For a truly complete food and wine experience, do not forget to taste and buy the excellent red wines, with a soft and enveloping body, and our local honey, irresistible from the first taste.


The authentic charm of ceramics


Thanks to its strategic position, the small city of Deruta has always boasted a special access to clay of the surrounding hills, so much so that for centuries it was the epicentre of a splendid and varied production of refined and elegant ceramics.

These artifacts have made the sculptures of the Deruta potters famous in most of the Mediterranean, probably already in Roman times. On holiday in Umbria, stop in Deruta, visit the many artisan shops and fall in love with the ceramics of our land. Such a precious souvenir will make a great impression in your living room, trust me!


The timeless art of embroidered fabrics


The production of embroidered fabrics, exclusively handmade, finds its roots in the twelfth century. Entering one of the many artisan workshops scattered in Assisi and in the immediate surroundings, you will discover how much the tradition of such an art remains unchanged today despite the many centuries that have passed.

This craftsmanship, born in rural Umbrian villages, managed to establish itself as Italian excellence thanks to the passion and wisdom of skilled hands. In some local workshops you can still admire the Jacquard loom, a late nineteenth-century machine sometimes used today as well to create extraordinary fabrics.


Franciscan memories in Assisi


Assisi is remembered, first of all, for being the homeland of Saint Francis, a symbol of Christian austerity and goodness. The splendid Basilica located on Mount Subasio is dedicated to the saint, a rare emblem of Christianity from where the gaze dominates the entire valley.

What better place than Assisi, therefore, to take home a souvenir with a strong Christian vocation? In many shops of the historic centre, you can buy an infinite number of objects: from sculptures to glasses, from kitchen utensils to the Franciscan "Tau", everything is worked in wood with extreme care, the result of a professionalism combining historic charm and Christian values.


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