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Our region is strongly linked to a very sweet production, an irresistible cuddle at any age, a remedy to straighten even the most crooked days. We are talking about chocolate, in every form and sugar content, excellence in Umbria and especially in Perugia, the capital of cocoa in Italy.

Here resides Perugina, a world-renowned confectionery house and mother of iconic chocolates, from Gianduiotti to Bananas until the irresistible Baci. And always Perugia turns into a huge open-air fair during the Eurochocolate, the cornerstone of the autumn calendar of events in Umbria.


The forge of sweet dreams


In November 1907 in Perugia the very first seed of a dream destined to become myth was planted. Francesco Buitoni, Leone Ascoli, Francesco Andreani and Annibale Spagnoli set up the Società Perugina company, a confetti laboratory. About ten years later, Perugina cocoa was born, an indispensable ingredient for Italian confectionery preparations, then was the turn of the Luisa tablet, the result of a very fine selection of chocolate and an innovative manufacturing process. The brilliant woman to whom we owe the name of the new brand is Luisa Spagnoli, long-time soul of the company and signature of the beloved Baci.

Today Perugina chocolate is appreciated all over the world, but the reason for its success lies in the very successful combination of tradition and creativity, which has always resulted in creations with an authentic taste. In short, a forge of sweet dreams, a few kilometers from our Resort Valle di Assisi. For chocolate connoisseurs and for the most gluttonous families, it is possible to take part in a guided tour of the company, leaving on a journey among the latest generation machinery, cocoa beans and dried fruit, up to peek at the very precise gestures of the sweet artisans. If you are on a diet, we do not recommend visiting: resisting such abundance and the penetrating aromas of chocolates would not be possible!

In addition to the tour of the House of Chocolate, you can create small masterpieces thanks to the Chocolate School, inside the factory. Guided by master chocolatiers, you will be able to shape cocoa mass, forge exquisite bonbons, lose yourself in the sugary scents of melted chocolate… a dream come true, at least for us. Reservations are recommended for both the tour and the chocolate course.


Homeland of Eurochocolate


What better place for an international chocolate festival than Perugia, already home to the most renowned confectionery house in Italy? In October, every year, the city welcomes more than 130 exhibitors and visitors from all over the peninsula and across the border, on the occasion of the Eurochocolate.

The event, completely free, lasts about ten days and unfolds in the main courses and squares of Perugia. Many events organized, from guided tastings to workshops to themed show cooking. All activities are available for free, but places are often limited: booking is highly recommended, so as not to run the risk of not taking part. Each year Eurochocolate develops around a theme, adopts a claim and designs its own program according to a specific direction. 

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