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Let us continue our journey through the wonderful Umbria, in hidden and unique places to have fun with your family. Today we lead you to Rasiglia, a district a few kilometers from Assisi, at the foot of the mountain.


This village has its roots in the water, which allowed it to exist from the XIII century. Then economic activities and wealthy spread along the river Menotre, but nowadays the town is especially popular for tourism and – luckily – Rasiglia is perfect for family trips. There are, in effect, sources, waterfalls and little waterfalls: a real feast for eyes and never-ending fun for your children! Do not be afraid: access to water is safe and you can easily move with strollers. Thanks to its majestic trees, you can visit Rasiglia during summer even if you do not tolerate the heat. Moreover, many fountains free you from carrying many bottles of water with you. The recreation area at the foot of the town, arranged with some tables and benches, is a perfect place for families to rest and have fun.

Pale di Foligno

Because of the small size, we usually stay in Rasiglia for about two hours, then we move to Pale di Foligno. Here, at the foot of the mountain, you can enjoy the area of Menotre waterfalls, where the river, opening into the valley, creates suggestive water paths in the wild nature. An amazing landscape, which attracts children anytime! Besides the waterfalls and the authentic nature, we suggest you to climb on the Eremo di Santa Maria a Giacobbe, carved into the rock. Together with its particular structure, you will appreciate the spaces inside, with XIII – XVI century frescoes all around. There is also an image of the Holy Grail cup: indicate it to your children, they will be certainly surprised.

Activo Park

The last stop of your itinerary between trekking and nature is at the Activo Park, the biggest theme park in Italy. The location itself is precious both for excursions and for its environmental heritage. The park develops along the river Nera, near Scheggino, a medieval village in the Valnerina area. From the river, a narrow valley, Valcasana, spreads and there you find the Activo Park, 25 hectares of nature with games, routes for mountain bikes and paths on trees. A world of fun for families, where children and teenagers can play in close contact with nature. The park is completely safe, fenced and organized to allow pleasant moments for people of all ages.

Calm parents, happy children.

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