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Umbria is synonymous with boundless meadows, sweet hills and woods full of native plants. If you could express it with a colour, it would certainly be green. And the greenery surrounds the entire estate of the Hotel Valle di Assisi, giving our guests a stay stepped in nature.

But a green holiday is not just concerned with the location, not at all! Sustainable tourism is a travel philosophy respecting the environment, the biodiversity and the local cultures. A vision that we fully embrace at Valle di Assisi and feed with small, large, attentions to Mother Earth.


Passion for local food


Food is a fundamental component of any trip. Think about it: scrolling through the photos of the last places you visited, don't the flavours of those lands come back to mind? We are sure of it. And on another thing we have no doubts: the quality and authenticity of local products, not only from Umbria but from all over Italy.

At our Recanto Restaurant we are proud ambassadors of the treasures of the area: the dishes on our menu are prepared with many zero km ingredients. From the curd cheeses a few steps away from us to the Norcia truffle, from the fish of Lake Trasimeno to the chickpeas we produce. All accompanied with the wines of the six labels created in the family cellar.

In this way, we protect the local food and wine tradition and preserve the environment: zero km ingredients reduce the level of pollution due to transport. And let’s consider the extreme freshness of the raw material: you can feel it at the first bite.

Wine and oil, besides cheering your dinners at the Recanto Restaurant, pamper you with their scents and restore muscles thanks to the precious organoleptic properties. That's why we use these products in some treatments and massages available at Cantico Spa.


The energy we love


At Hotel Valle di Assisi, also energy is green. We take advantage of many ways to produce renewable energy, which illuminates your room every day, warms the restaurant, feeds the technologies of our spa. We take care of Earth at all times, protecting its resources that seem far from inexhaustible.

Much of the electricity we use in our 4-star hotel comes from the incredible strength of the sun: we installed solar panels that ensure us clean and renewable energy every day. So, we avoid pouring exhaust gases and poisons harmful to our lungs and the entire ecosystem in the air. Is this not the value of a truly sustainable journey?

If you come to visit us with your electric car, we welcome you warmly. And we are ready for you both: in our resort you will find a space equipped to give new charge to electric vehicles. You can immerse yourself in the green heart of Umbria, with the certainty of traveling on clean energy.


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