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Autumn in Italy is often associated with tastings of full-bodied wines, the woods treasures and steaming cups of hot chocolate. And indeed, the Eurochocolate of Perugia takes place now, scheduled this year from 18 to 27 October.

And yet in Umbria the end of October brings aromatic notes and hints from countryside: on 26 October a month dedicated to extra virgin olive oil begins, that is the month of Frantoi Aperti and UNTO Assisi.


The widespread festival


This year the event Frantoi Aperti reaches its XXII edition and develops from 26 October to 24 November 2019. Organized by the DOP Umbria Extra Virgin Olive Oil Road, this initiative intends to enhance the local extra virgin olive oil and the rural tourism in Umbria. How? By involving citizens and tourists in various types of activities, all linked by the common thread of good food, scheduled in five consecutive weekends.

The peculiarity of this exhibition is its widespread character: medieval villages crystallized in time, quiet squares, palaces, typical trattorias, farms and - above all - mills in full swing are theatres of tastings and brunches throughout Umbria. In short, it is a great party, a collective celebration of a product that is as simple as exquisite.

An omnipresent element on our tables, a fundamental ingredient in the kitchen, so ordinary that we often take it for granted. And yet, the spectacle of the olive harvest, their pressing and the processing leading to our green gold weave the texture of a millennial and precious tale. A story to be celebrated in order to enjoy every nuance in a conscious way, day after day.


UNTO: the celebration of our land


In addition to the visits to oil mills and walks in lush olive groves, Frantoi Aperti program embraces the special week end of UNTO Assisi, which has already reached its eighth edition. UNTO, whose acronym recalls our naturalistic and territorial riches (Unesco, Nature, Territory, Oil), takes place in Assisi city center from 31 October to 3 November 2019, developing along the Ognissanti long week end. A cheerful market exhibition celebrates the just produced oil of Umbria, but also other local excellences such as truffles, cured meats, legumes and wine, all treasures of our hills.

In addition to tasting of the Umbrian delights, in this long weekend Assisi welcomes citizens and tourists with a complex mosaic of activities: from art exhibitions to guided tours of the UNESCO heritage, from oil and wine tastings to cooking classes, up to live music and entertainment shows.

UNTO is a special occasion to discover little-known but fascinating places in Umbria, such as castles, silent churches, places of art and the most ancient and rooted traditions. The territory of Assisi, uncontaminated and amazing, is the focus of a journey among the wonders: walks in the woods, trekking in the hills, the mystical churches, bridges, waterfalls, streams of fresh water.


UNTO is a perfect pretext to spend the Ognissanti long week end in Assisi with your family or partner: take advantage of our special offers now!

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