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In summer the luxuriant Umbrian nature provides mild temperatures and a pleasant refreshment in the warmest hours. This is the best time to discover an activity halfway between hobby and sport, that is rafting. An extremely refreshing activity, also!

Rafting is practiced on a special dinghy accommodating up to 7 people (included an expert rafting guide) and consists of a river descent into the heart of the most evocative vegetation.

It is a sport you can enjoy both on the most impetuous rapids and on quieter paths, so it is an excellent hobby for families on holiday in Umbria.

There are many ideal places for rafting in Umbria, all set in the most genuine nature.


Cascate delle Marmore (Marmore's Falls)


Umbria is a land of rivers and waterfalls immersed in greenery, the most famous is the Cascata delle Marmore, extremely beautiful and wild. This is the highest waterfall in Europe, whose explosive flow provokes an unexpected and seductive sound.

The Nera river runs very fast, hitting the rocks for over three kilometers, with an impetuous and exciting water jet. You can practice the most extreme rafting here: if you love adventure and strong sensations, wear suitable clothing, life jacket and helmet and dive into an incredible experience!

Immersed into rapids, don't forget to look around you: the lush Umbrian vegetation keeps you under a perfect spell.

Still along this river, inside the Nera River Park in the stretch between the Municipalities of Ferentillo and Arrone, you can try a more relaxing but not less suggestive rafting. A rafting designed for couples and families.


The Corno river


Along the Corno river, near Norcia, rafting becomes a pleasant descent into lush woods. If you are not an expert, you cannot swim or you travel with your children, this place is the most suitable for you. Despite the less steep path, adrenaline is guaranteed, as the comforting embrace of nature.

Rafting along the Corno river is divided into two sections of equal length, for a total duration of about two hours, characterized by amazing landscapes. The watercourse digs deep gorges in the limestone rock, creating bottlenecks of foaming waters.

Among these, the Biselli gorges are the most particular, majestic and exciting. Stop at this point with the dinghy, watch the green woods all around and breathe deeply. On the sunniest days of your summer in Umbria, here you can take a refreshing dip and drink some pure water, springing directly from the heart of the rock.

An experience indescribable in words, an experience to live.

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