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Umbria is the only region in central Italy without the sea, but it is not necessarily a defect, quite the contrary! Instead of crowded beaches and slalom between towels and umbrellas, our land offers soft countryside, silent clearings, foliage where taking shelter on hot days, lively rivers and enchanting villages. The ideal destination for a relaxing but also fun summer, as a couple or family, between nature, history and unmissable, typical experiences.

As you know, at Hotel Valle di Assisi we love little guests, so we have collected for you the 5 things to do absolutely in Umbria during a family trip. Curious? Read on and start planning your summer vacation with us.


1. Day trip at Lake Trasimeno


In Umbria we don't have the sea, but we can enjoy a boundless lake full of charm: Lake Trasimeno. Spending a day on its shores, walking through the pretty towns surrounding it - Castiglione del Lago, Passignano sul Trasimeno, San Feliciano, Panicale - offers moments of peace and well-being. Do not miss the fortress overlooking the lake of Castiglione del Lago and a visit to a characteristic bar at happy hour time.

With children, we also recommend a boat trip to the islands of Trasimeno, Polvese Island and Maggiore Island, reachable by ferries departing from the main towns on the lake. Finally, a nice ride in full nature along the bike path of Lake Trasimeno: sixty kilometres of woods, stone villages, meadows that seem designed for family picnics and hectares of clear sky.


2. The Enchanted Walk to the Marmore Falls


The Marmore Falls should definitely appear on your must-visit list during a family holiday in Umbria. Although we admired it several times, it always kidnaps for the inexplicable harmony between the roar of the waters and the magnificent surrounding nature.

You can enjoy the incredible show thanks to various excursions, even at night, but to families we recommend the Enchanted Walk (Fantapasseggiata), designed for the little ones. A friendly elf will take the children through secret and beautiful places, on a fun and informative visit. Before purchasing tickets, check the timetables to find out the moments of greatest flow and spectacularity ... you all will be entranced, young and old.


3. Gubbio, city of madmen 


Gubbio has a bewitching face, dotted with towers, cathedrals, large squares and stone alleys. In addition to the architectural wonders, however, it is worth a visit with the children for the original primacy of the city of madmen. The definition derives from the Fontana dei Matti (originally Fontana del Bargello), capable of conferring a certificate showing someone is officially mad. More precisely, if you make three laps around the fountain and you are "baptized" by the spurts coming out of it, you can request the original recognition o the Maggio Eugubino Association. But be careful: everything must take place in front of an inhabitant of Gubbio, otherwise the undertaking will not be considered valid and you will not be able to become officially "mad". Try to win the certificate with your children, alternatively you can buy a copy in the souvenir shops in the square, it will still be a unique memory!

Stroll through the lively historic centre to admire the blacksmiths at work in the typical forges and have a break with the crescia al panaro, stuffed with salami, a delicious snack for the whole family.


4. Afternoon in a farm


For a different afternoon, reach the Fattoria di Doriana, in Foligno. You can choose from many educational and recreational activities designed for children aged 3 to 12 years. Workshops with carded wool or for the creation of corn dolls, cognitive paths, horseback riding and much more await you in a welcoming environment surrounded by greenery. Your little ones will be able to get in touch with the many farm animals - cows, pigs, sheep, chickens, geese, goslings, horses and donkeys - learning to know them and to appreciate their particularities.


5. The fantastic world of Narni


Another stop to write down on your travel program is Narni, which inspired the writer C.S. Lewis for his novel "The Chronicles of Narnia" (ancient name of Narni). Perched on the hill overlooking the entire Nera valley, the city holds over three thousand years of history and is a continuous, splendid surprise. The interactive museum of Palazzo Eroli is definitely tailored for children, with interactive games, workshops and multimedia contents that guide the exciting discovery of ancient Narni.

For a trip to the deepest heart of the city, visit Narni Underground, a path carved into the rock already in Etruscan times. The itinerary starts from the Convent of San Domenico, continues with aqueducts, cisterns, secret crypts and a prison with lots of graffiti left behind by prisoners. The journey back in time ends with the stone vault of the Lacus, where children and children can have fun on the brand-new indoor adventure park, NarniAdventures, inaugurated last year.

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