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September softens the temperature with cool breezes and morning rains, the cyclamens bloom proud in the meadows, the August heat becomes more distant every day. From mid-month, nature is changing its clothes, wearing the warm and reassuring colors of autumn.

And this is the season of the most famous festivals in Umbria, those warming the heart and satisfying the stomach, turning on every smile with a sip of generous red wine. Come with us, we'll take you to discover the unmissable events in the Umbrian villages.


Wine, truffle and saffron: the fragrant autumn


Our itinerary among the typical flavors begins with the celebration of Bacchus: the Festa della Vendemmia (Grape Harvest Festival) in Penna in Teverina opens the season of autumn festivals in Umbria. Between the end of September and the beginning of October, the ancient village is crowded of oak barrels, tubs, vats and fragrant must. There are so many opportunities to taste the delicious grape nectar and toast together to the full-bodied vineyards and our prosperous land. Endless delicacies are worth a taste: from must-based desserts, to tisichelle (delicious Umbrian biscuits), closing with cinnamon-flavored donuts and maritozzi.

Autumn in Umbria goes hand in hand with truffles, that's why the Bisaccia del Tartufaio, scheduled on 12 and 13 October in Citerna (PG), is one of the most anticipated events of the season. The truffle market exhibition is a gastronomic celebration of the excellence of the Tiber Valley and owes its name to the ancient container used, since the Middle Ages, to gather the aromatic tuber. The absolute protagonist of the event will be accompanied, on the food stands set up for the occasion, by mushrooms, vinsanto, honey, cheeses, wines and other local delights.

If you love the intense color and the unmistakable fragrance of a spice synonymous with the sun, reach Città della Pieve and join the three days fair dedicated to saffron. The Zafferiamo - this year from 25 to 27 October – is all about the red treasure of this area between the Val di Chiana and the Trasimeno. Cheeses, meat dishes, desserts, homemade pastas are combined with the precious spice, which gives each ingredient a special hint. Alongside the traditional recipes, saffron-based beers are available and are definitely worth a taste! You will satisfy also mind and eyes: local artisans set up fabric dyeing workshops, next to embroidery and painting courses with the ancestral techniques.


Chestnuts and “marroni”, queens of the woods


Is there someone who doesn’t wait for autumn all year round just enjoy a bag of "burned" chestnuts? We love chestnuts! Moreover, if you are on holiday in Umbria with your family, the sweet undergrowth fruits are an excellent excuse to breathe clean air with your children.

In Umbria, between mid-October and November, there are several festivals dedicated to chestnuts and marroni, in the historic villages. One of the most characteristic is the Festa della Castagna (Chestnut Festival) in Pierle (PG), from 11 to 13 October 2019: in the charming Rocca di Pierle the excellent local gastronomy and genuine wine are combined with the sweetest chestnuts.

If you can't resist the freshly picked marroni, the event to write down on your agenda is the Festa del Marrone, in Strettura di Spoleto. From 25 to 27 October and on 2 and 3 November 2019, you can enjoy autumn recipes, the Sagrantino novello must and the yummy roasted chestnuts.


Have a good autumn!

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