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August is the month of shooting stars, of desires whispered in one ear, of glances lost in the blue looking for lights. The night of San Lorenzo - August 10th - is traditionally marked by a trail of stars crossing the sky, symbol of lucky wishes for the near future. Yet the shooting stars cheer up the summer evenings for a good part of the month and not enjoying them is a real shame. If you are on holiday in Umbria, choose a trip to a romantic location and end the day with your nose up, hand in hand with your loved one.

Here is our map of the best places for lovers in Umbria.


Assisi, suggestive and beautiful


Assisi is worldwide known as a place of choice for Franciscan worship, but its uniqueness does not end here. The town conceals a very romantic face, to be discovered. Next to the monuments related to San Francesco - such as the Basilica of San Francesco, the Upper Basilica and the Porziuncola - the historic center boasts splendid works of art, such as Giotto's masterpieces.

Moreover, its medieval structure is characterized by steep steps and intimate alleys with delightful and unexpected views. A special setting for couples looking for romance! And what better way to crown a day with someone you love than with a fairy-tale dinner? Assisi owns an ancient and precious gastronomic tradition, capable of satisfying even the most demanding palates. From fresh pasta to truffle-based specialties, to delicious desserts: accompany it all with a good bottle of wine and the sparkle of a candle. It will be magical.


Spello and Bettona, panoramic villages


The village of Spello lies on a spur of Mount Subasio, halfway between Assisi and Foligno. Climb the highest hill until you reach the ruins of the fourteenth-century fortress, here enjoy the exciting view that opens up in front of you. Continue your tour with the frescoes of the Roman villa of Sant'Anna and take an intimate walk in the park of Villa Fidelia, dotted with flowering plants and immersed in a dream atmosphere.

Bettona stands on a high hill and overlooks Perugia, offering incredible panoramic views. Of Etruscan origin, this village is a small treasure chest of beauty. The city walls, like an ancient tomb preserved here, clearly betray the Etruscan foundation, but in Bettona the medieval imprint is felt above all. The church of San Crispolto, accompanied by a cuspidate bell tower, and the Oratory of Sant’Andrea, with its wooden coffered ceiling, are wonderful examples of medieval art. Even more impressive is the collegiate church of Santa Maria Maggiore, originally Roman-Gothic and restored in the neoclassical style in the nineteenth century. The high altar, the apse and the stained glass windows are certainly among the details of greatest interest. In an intimately medieval village like Bettona, the atmosphere is irresistible ... especially as a couple.


The sweet atmospheres of Foligno


Foligno boasts an intimate and delicate historical centre, designed for unforgettable walks hand by hand. Rich in historical and artistic gems, it is the ideal location for lovers in search of privacy and fairy-tale views. Piazza della Repubblica, the cradle of the triptych Duomo, Palazzo Comunale and Palazzo Trinci is the perfect starting point for a romantic tour. In addition to the three buildings just mentioned, the Municipal Library, the church of San Giacomo and the Oratory of the Nunziatella are certainly worthwhile a visit, especially to admire the wonderful work by Perugino standing out.

End your love escape with a dinner in a nice restaurant in the centre and, after dessert, lose yourself in the illuminated sky, waiting for the lucky star.


The Marmore of lovers


The most famous waterfalls of Umbria have hypnotized great minds, from scientists to poets of love odes. That's why a visit to the Marmore Falls is always recommended for a couple. But it does not end here: almost inside the first jump of the waterfall, stands the Balcony of Lovers. It is a lovely terrace dug into the rock and dedicated to couples: the view is nothing short of breathtaking! The atmosphere becomes unique thanks to the water droplets that pleasantly splash the guests of the balcony.

Furthermore, downstream of the waterfall lies Piediluco Lake, a special location to declare one's love. In the centre of the lake, in fact, the echo resounds for a long time: shout the sweetest words to your partner, they will echo throughout the valley!


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